Giving To Fahrney Keedy

The Jone L. Bowman Adult Medical Day Center

Fahrney Keedy Senior Living Community is excited to add an Adult Day Services Center to its campus. The day program will provide a safe and secure environment where adults can socialize and participate in a variety of different activities in a secure and comfortable setting. Licensed nursing supervision and coordination of care services are provided to all participants who attend the program.

Fahrney Keedy Adult Day Service offers:

  • RN supervision of care and health monitoring
  • Therapeutic activities including trips & outings
  • Secure and structured environment
  • Socialization and companionship
  • Transportation to and from the center
  • Breakfast, lunch & snack daily
  • Social services
  • PT, OT, and Speech Therapy (prior authorization from physician anda approval from insurance required)

Prior to admission, all participants must have an initial health assessment completed by a physician (form provided by Fahrney Keedy), as well as a current PPD and/or chest x-ray.

Please call 301-671-5193 or email Amy Rebert at for more information.