Giving To Fahrney Keedy

Giving to Fahrney Keedy

Giving to Fahrney Keedy

Fahrney Keedy has always relied on the charitable support of generous individuals to further our mission of enriching the lives of seniors.  Our story began when the family of Dr. Peter Fahrney made a gift of land and buildings in an effort to provide area seniors with a dedicated place to receive quality, faith-based care.  Years later, the Keedy family made a generous contribution to expand the services we offer — and the Fahrney Keedy Memorial Home was born.


Now, over one hundred years later, we are building for the “second century” of Fahrney Keedy, and we are turning to the generous hearts of charitable individuals to help us write it.


In early 2017, Fahrney Keedy saw a need to expand our services once again, and to prepare for the coming needs of area seniors.  With the Baby Boomer Generation retiring, demand for senior healthcare will increase ten-fold in coming years, with several areas demanding specific attention.


Knowing this, our Board of Directors launched several new programs early in 2017 to help us provide for these needs and to ensure that Fahrney Keedy is here for you and your loved ones for decades to come.  These programs serve two purposes: to introduce individuals and organizations to the positive impacts that their charitable contributions can have at Fahrney Keedy, and to re-engage those who have already contributed to our mission by outlining what the future holds.


The “Our Next Chapter” capital campaign is focused on raising $1.5 million for two vital new projects — an Adult Day Care Center and an expansion of our current Memory Care Center.  Additionally, we have opened two new giving programs — called The Legacy Club and The Corporate Legacy Club — to individuals, families, organizations, and local businesses who want to positively contribute to the lives of area seniors.


Please feel free to explore all three programs — the “Our Next Chapter” capital campaign, the Legacy Club, and the Corporate Legacy Club, and find the latest updates on all of our fundraising efforts by clicking here.


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