Giving To Fahrney Keedy

Board of Directors

2017 Fahrney Keedy Board of Directors


Patrick Linton, Chair

John Miller, Vice Chair

Stephen Coetzee, President/CEO

Katrina Graham, Secretary




Board Members

Ellen Amalfitano

Charles Angle

Rev. Dr. James Benedict

Esther Boleyn

Leslie Hart

Mark Herr

Kay Hoffman

A. Pat Linton

Dr. Heather Lorenzo, Chair of Quality Review and H.R. Committee

William Mitchell

John Miller, Vice Chair

Richard Pryor, Chair of Finance Committee

Mary Rosborough

Dorothy Strawsburg

Loyal Vanderveer, Chair of Board Development Committee

Ex-Officio Board Members

Sara Wolfe, President Fahrney Keedy Home & Village Auxiliary

Gene Hagenberger, District Executive / Minister of the Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren