Giving To Fahrney Keedy

Board of Directors


2019 Fahrney Keedy Board of Directors



John Miller, Chair

Leslie Hart, Vice Chair

Stephen Coetzee, President/CEO

Sherrie-Lynn Davis, Secretary



Board Members

Charles Angle

Karen Anthony

Leslie Hart, Vice Chair & Chair of Board Development Committee

Malcolm Hutto, Chair of Long Range Planning & Property Committee

Mike Kenney

David Lyles

John Miller, Chair & Chair of Executive Committee

William Mitchell

Barbara Mosser

Jonathan Noyes

Ann Platou

Chris Stockslager, Chair of Finance & Fund Development Committee

Dorothy Strawsburg, Chair of Quality Initiative and Review & HR Committee

Dr. Jason Vourlekis

Ex-Officio Board Members

Sara Wolfe, President Fahrney Keedy Home & Village Auxiliary

Gene Hagenberger, District Executive / Minister of the Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren