Giving To Fahrney Keedy

A Message from our President/CEO


While we are optimistic and have good news to share in this COVID-19 update, we remain very cautious and proactive.
The employee who tested positive last week remained asymptomatic. In fact, the employee was tested for the second time on Friday, May 22nd, and the result was negative. The employee then tested again on Tuesday, May 26th, and the result was again negative. We continue to work closely with the health department. We have tested staff that were potentially exposed to the positive employee, and at this time all results have come back negative. Even so, we have increased the personal protective equipment these employees must wear per CDC and health department guidelines. All staff, regardless of potential exposure, will again be retested next week. I must add that our staff has been amazing through all of this and deserves the highest recognition.
This past Tuesday, May 26th and Wednesday, May 27th, 89 skilled residents were again tested for COVID-19. We are happy to report all of the test results were negative. Only 4 residents refused to have the test, and the 4 residents have no signs or symptoms of respiratory illness or COVID-19. We continue to assess resident’s temperature and oxygen saturation every shift, with the addition of an RN or Nurse Practitioner daily COVID-19 assessment to look for any new onset of COVID-19 symptoms, assess lung sounds, and obtain vital signs.
In addition to the re-testing of residents and staff, we have also increased our screening of staff while we work. Instead of just being screened and getting our temperature taken at the start of our shift, we now get screened every 4 hours. For example, if an employee works an 8-hour shift, they will have their temperature taken upon arrival, then 4 hours into the shift, as well as when they leave for the day. This will allow us to identify any potential symptoms or sickness quickly. We have also installed a thermal imaging camera where staff enter the building. Staff simply must face the camera, and it reads your temperature. We will be able to set the camera up to alert nurse management when someone reads over 99.0. We have minimized staff traffic throughout the building. Additionally, we have continued to follow all of the previous guidelines and proactive measures.
We appreciate the kindness and support we have received from our families, residents, staff, and community. We continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

God Bless, Julia McGlaughlin RN, Clinical Executive Director

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dear Fahrney Keedy Families and Friends,

The Fahrney Keedy team has taken every possible safety precaution possible to aide in preventing the contraction of COVID-19 to our community and the consequent infectious spread of the virus.

At this time, the first exposure of COVID-19 has been reported at our facility. A staff member has tested positive and is aymptomatic. This staff member is currently quarantining.

As a result of this positive testing–All residents will be re-tested for COVID-19 beginning Tuesday, May 26th. Targeted staff members will also undergo testing.

The infectious spread of the coronavirus here at Fahrney Keedy, while still possible, has a lower likelihood due to the preventative measures and safety precautions we have implemented in our community since late February. We are currently evaluating our current infectious control policies and procedures to ensure the utilization of best practices in moving forward and mitigating further exposure.

Please know that we are handling this exposure with extreme seriousness. We are increasing our already extreme sanitation measures and screening processes.

We ask for your continued prayers, support and patience as we work through this trying time.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, 301-733-6284.

God Bless,

Steve Coetzee


Dear Fahrney Keedy Families, Friends, and Staff,