Giving To Fahrney Keedy

A Message from our President/CEO

Dear families and loved ones,

January 1st

Happy New Year everyone!  Hopefully, this year brings us all blessings.

It has been awhile since we have had to make notifications, which is a great sign. I have received all resident’s results for the week, and all are negative!

We do have 2 new staff members who are positive.

We have been able to condense the COVID unit to one hall on second floor. Next week, a major focus will be getting residents back to their original rooms which I know will make them so happy! Also, we have our first vaccine clinic on Tuesday, 1/5! The first full week of the new year will be an exciting one for sure! We are happy to get back to some type of normalcy. We will still continue testing next week. Staff is slated for Monday and Thursday. Residents get swabbed Tuesday. The rule and guidance is we do not test anyone who had COVID for 90 days after their initial positive. We are not sure how the vaccine will play into future testing, so we continue to follow guidance of twice a week for staff and once a week for residents. We always have the rapid tests for anyone who is symptomatic. We will keep you all updated! Stay Safe!

Julia McGlaughlin, RN/BSN/AIT

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Fahrney Keedy