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A Message from our President/CEO

October 16, 2020

Dear Resident/Family/Resident Representative,

As required by Governor Hogan and the Maryland Department of Health (MDOH), our Facility is required to update you weekly on all of the mitigation procedures we are implementing and following to protect you or your loved one from COVID-19.  Please see the attached mitigation procedures the facility is currently observing to protect our valuable residents and staff. 

As you know, we had a staff member test positive on 10/6/20.  Due to this, we have been placed back on Outbreak status with the Health Department.  When you have an outbreak, you must complete 2 consecutive weeks of staff and resident testing.  As of today, the first week has been completed.  Currently, all tests have been negative.  We have approximately 49 staff results pending and approximately 98 resident results pending.  We will test again next week (October 19 and 20th).  The staff member who tested positive, has remained asymptomatic.

Due to our Outbreak Status, In-Door Visitations have been suspended until we are not on Outbreak Status.  Window Visits and telecommunication visits continue.  Please call Activities to schedule your visit.  301-671-5006

We began administering influenza vaccines to staff and residents this week. 

If you would like to drop off food items to your loved one, please notify the Receptionist at 301-733-6284.  Schedule the drop off and we will forward the food items to your loved one immediately.  There is no need to “quarantine” the food item.  The food does not have to be home made.  It can be take-out from their favorite restaurant. 

Attached, you will find a list of all the mitigation (preventive) measures the Facility has taken as of today. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Facility.

Lastly, we are doing our best to maintain the health and safety of our residents and staff.  We pray that you remain safe and healthy as well. 


Angie Keebaugh LPN/QCP/IP/RAC-CT

Director of Quality Assurance and Infection Control